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Artificial Intelligence R&D

We develop solutions for forensic science and medical imaging.

About us

We are a cooperative of researchers and software engineers with the objective of delivering outstanding products and services while having a positive social impact.

Panacea was founded by a group of highly accomplished AI researchers originating from the most recognized international research institutions.

Machine Learning

We are at the forefront of Deep Learning and other Machine Learning technologies and we are used to working with large amounts of unbalanced, absent, uncertain, and imprecise data.

Agile Development

We use agile development methodologies and focus on continuous delivery while ensuring the highest level of software quality through testing on all levels.

Computer Vision

We are leaders in the development of image registration methods (3D-2D, 2D-3D, 2D-2D, intensities, characteristics), segmentation, classification, video object tracking, feature extraction and pattern recognition.

Biomedical Imaging

We have experience with different imaging modalities, medical specialties (forensic medicine, traumatology, gastroenterology, neurology), and problems (segmentation, registration, classification, decision support).

Computational Intelligence

We design and implement numerical optimization algorithms in complex scenarios with strong constraints, evolutionary algorithms and other metaheuristics.

Continuous Research

We invest thoroughly in research to constantly improve our products and services. Panacea has technology transfer agreements with the University of Granada as well as other institutions and collaborates with a wide network of international researchers.


Skeleton·ID is the only software solution on the market specifically designed for the needs of forensic identification using a variety of physical anthropology techniques. It supports biological profiling, craniofacial identification, and the comparison of x-ray images. Our algorithms automate a large part of the identification process, making it fast, accurate, and objective. The product is based on more than 14 years of research led by the University of Granada.

R&D Consultancy

At Panacea, we have vast experience with the design and development of research projects in different sectors like clinical medicine, conventional and renewable energy, automotive, and engineering. Our clients trust us with image and video processing, process optimization, design, data mining, and decision making. We have also participated in public project calls at European (FP6, FP7, H2020), national (Ministry, CDTI), and regional (ICE, IDEPA, IDEA) level.

Our research is conducted in cooperation with the University of Granada.