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We are researchers and software engineers specialized in Artificial Intelligence and its application to Forensic Science and Medical Imaging.

Panacea is a horizontal organization, where employees become partners, empowering all to make important decisions, and allowing us to be driven by our common values.

From our first product Skeleton·ID, Panacea aspires to be a worldwide reference company in the area of physical and forensic anthropology. In the long term, we envision a highly qualified and specialized human group, capable of generating and welcoming new ideas and products with a transforming effect.

Our philosophy and values

· Ethical financial management
· Job quality and social equality
· Fair distribution of the workload
· Fair distribution of income
· Internal Democracy and Transparency
· Ethical sales
· Social conception of products and services
· Social effect/significance of the product/service
· Contribution to the community
· Minimisation of the distribution of profits/benefits to external parties
· General philosophy of free knowledge

Panacea Team

Katia Prada

Óscar Ibáñez

Pablo Mesejo

Andrea Valsecchi

Iván Gómez

Aitor González

Marcos Macías

Marta Panizo

Sebastian Kaiser

Javier Irurita

Miguel de Dios

Enrique Bermejo

Rosario Guerra

Pilar Navarro

Valentino Lugli

Alejandro Manzanares

Noelia Fernández

Miguel Ángel Flores

Antonio David Villegas

Javier Venema

Verónica Martínez

Guillermo Ramírez

Inés Gómez

María Alejandra Guativonza

Victoria Suárez

Stefano De Luca

Daniel Navarrete

Cristina Taboada

David Erena

Luis Fernández

Marta Hernández

Daniel García

Our scientific advisors are world-renowned experts in Soft Computing, Computer Vision and, Forensic Anthropology.

Dr. Sergio Damas

Lenguajes y Sistemas informáticos

Dra. Inmaculada Alemán

Medicina Legal, Toxicología y Antropología Física

Dr. Oscar Cordón

Ciencias de la Computación e IA

Ongoing collaborations

We believe that collaboration leads to the best results. Oscar Gómezel abrelatasCarmen CampomanesCharo CamponanesFernando NavarroEnrique Fernandez and Ángel Garrido have all contributed to the success of various projects.