Projects in which we have participated

Virtual Biopsy of Gastrointestinal Lesions in Regular Colonoscopy

The problem Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. In particular, colorectal cancer is concerned with the large intestine (colon), the lower part of the digestive system, and the rectum (the last inches of the colon), and it is one of the most commonly diagnosed malignant neoplasms across genders. Even if colonoscopy is widely […]

Estimation of biophysical parameters from functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) signals to study brain function

The problem Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (or fMRI) is a non-invasive neuroimaging technique that can be used to study brain function. The most common fMRI signal is the Blood-Oxygen-Level-Dependent signal (or BOLD signal), related to local changes in the concentration of deoxyhemoglobin in the blood. In the past fifteen years, different variations of the widely […]

Automatic segmentation and localization of the hippocampus in histological images

The problem Image segmentation is the process according to which, starting from an image, the edges of the objects of interest are delimited, isolating them from the background and, therefore, being able to treat them later in an individualized way. In other words, it consists in dividing the image into disjunct regions based on its […]

Deep learning techniques for computer vision and human-robot interaction

The problem The general and final goal of this project is the investigation and implementation of computational models for mapping images and sounds onto meaning and onto actions. This challenging problem spans computer vision, auditory signal processing, audio scene analysis, machine learning, and robotics. In particular, I have collaborated mainly in image/video analysis problems that are […]

These are some of the projects in which we have worked, if you need to consult us information about any of them or want to expose us some work in which we can collaborate.

We also develop projects in collaboration with other institutions through members of Panacea Cooperative Research.